VIDEO: Biden Jokes About Running Over A Reporter For Attempting To Ask Question Regarding Israel – Speeds Off

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Joe Biden was test-driving an electric truck and joked about running over a report that tried to ask him a question about Israel, according to The Daily Wire.

Israel has been facing Terrorist attacks from Hamas for more than a week and conflicts only seem to escalate.

“Biden had just delivered a speech at a Ford factory to push for the transformation of electric vehicles through passage of his American Jobs Plan.”

“The $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan would pump $174 billion into electric vehicles. Calling electric vehicles ‘the future of the auto industry,’ Biden said the investments are needed to catch up to China in production and sales.”

The reporter said, “Mr. President, can I ask you a quick question on Israel before you drive away?”

Biden replied, “No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it.”

The group of reporters starts laughing.

Biden quickly clears the air and says, “I’m only teasing.”

As funny as it is, had someone else made the remark it might not have seemed so light-hearted.

For example, try to imagine if Former President Donald Trump had made the remark.

Mike Cernovich said, “Putin doesn’t get the level of fawning propaganda from ‘state media’ that Biden gets from the ‘free press.’”

Rita Panahi said, “Terrible inflation/jobs numbers, widespread gas shortages, worst border crisis in 20 years, Arab Israeli conflict after Biden’s Middle East pivot…and the journos are giggling like schoolgirls.”

Glenn Greenwald said, “As you watch these reporters giggle in delight at Biden’s playing with this car, remember – regardless of your view on Israel/Palestine – that there’s a savage war going on for which Biden bears direct responsibility. Seems, at least, to be bad optics to being playing with toys.”

Mike Glenn said, “As a reporter, I’m embarrassed by how grotesquely servile these WH stenographers are.”

Stephen Miller said, “Biden joking about running down a reporter for asking about Israel in an F-150 truck is a pretty good tell about just how performative the ‘how dare he’ fainting spells of the past 4 years actually were.”

Amy Tarkanian said, “Joe Biden just threatened to run a reporter over with a car for wanting to ask a question about Israel. If President Trump had done this, he would have been impeached. Jokingly or not, this rhetoric is completely unbecoming of the President.”

Jack Posobiec said, “If Trump said this to a reporter they’d be impeaching him again.”

Nicholas Fondacaro said, “If this was Trump, @brianstelter would be lighting himself on fire saying it was a threat against the press.”

From The Daily Wire:

Democrat President Joe Biden joked about running over a reporter with a truck on Tuesday after the reporter asked whether she could ask him a question about Israel.

The question came as Israel has repeatedly been under attack for over a week from Palestinian terrorist organizations that have launched thousands of rockets at Israel’s population.

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